Intermedio Avanzato a Milano.

Herman Kilian (1929 – 2004) was a German calligrapher, type designer and book designer who worked as a graphic artist in a large German graphic design company. 

His work epitomized the simplicity of classical forms with each form having a tension and character of it’s own. Kilian took pains to create each letter slowly and perfectly working with the tools of his trade, the ruling pen and the simple broad-edge. His work remains in the Schreibwerkstaat Klingspor in Offenbach am Main and the Berlin Calligraphy Collection for all to study.

In this workshop we will study his work, look at classical (penned) Roman capitals then modernizing them by changing their inter-letter and ligatured spaces. Stacked layouts and interactive letters will be the main focus of this workshop using a gold sgraffito technique, the brilliance of white on black and ruling pen and broad-nib with ink.

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Responsabile del corso: Gisella Biondani

Le iscrizioni terminano il 30 Aprile 2020

Costo iscrizione: 240€

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