Stèphanie Devaux

Stèphanie Devaux è una calligrafa contemporanea, pittrice, artista visiva e designer tessile.

Nelle sue parole, “I express myself through calligraphy, writing, painting, collage and textiles. I explore the emotional charge that writing carries. A metamorphosis between signs, materials, traces, worn materials, threads, scraps of fabrics…
This research led me to transform and distort writing. Words are always the common origin for each work.The words, the text materialize in « graphies », lines, threads which mix and weave to become a fabric different from the initial text which while retaining its original sap opens up to new perceptions. Freed from the constraint of legibility, the writings do not give to read but transfigure the meaning of the text.Thread and textile are my writing instruments and they give me a more intimate perception of writing. I produce works on paper or on textiles. I create unique books on various media and of various sizes, each time reinventing the page, the line, the sign.
Expression through the book has always been a necessity for me. As a tool of transmission, openness and dialogue, it appeals to all the senses and takes many forms. Tactile and sensual, it completes my other modes of expression.