UC04 - Germany in the twenties

Per Tutti a Casa tua.

gerManY in The TWenTies: (Calligraphy, commercial lettering, type design and posters.) What a decade! The economy was in the pits but the artistry/craftsmanship was at its zenith. The work was simple, dark, powerful and rich, as well as impossibly detailed, colorful, powerful and rich — both sophisticated and visceral. The visuals will be drawn from both commercial & personal proj- ects, and the range of variety is wide but the feeling of its era is unmistakeable — even the surprises

The meeting will take place at 8.00 PM CET.

The event is in English and free upon registration through this form here.

Le iscrizioni terminano il 28 Ottobre 2022

I docenti

Carl Rohrs

Carl Rohrs has been a lettering artist and signpainter in Santa Cruz, California since 1977, an instructor of Lettering & Typography... Continua